Crowdestorming digital people newspaper

Target groups

Change makers and Public figures and influencers


On the one hand,major newspapers usually don't share news about local communities or other disciplines that need more attentions. On the other there is a constant problem of fake news and censorship, especially in this region.


Each member of community should have opportunity to share news, informations or stories that are interesting, truthfull or benefitial to community,and not only linked to politics but also other aspects of every day life


Co-Paper is digital information page where community can share stories, video or image news and articles. Similar to jovoto, "karma" system can be applied. Several members will have review, and approve each story before publishing, while fake news editors will get negative points and will be excluded from community. This will create an anti censorship platform with no single entity controlling it,having votes and ranks from members between many topics from politics to education, science, etc.

Key Problem

The biggest problem we can identify is lack of accurate information, censorship (in mass media), and fake news created all over the region. By creating a online platform where individuals could,one the one hand benefit from their "online profile" - by depending on votes and impression of the community and while bots and fake news could be dismantled by same mechanism on the other, the entire region could gain by having an "average Joe" reporters with real stories on various subjects.

Which field and which area?

Our solution would applied to all countries of region. The solution would offer ENG version for English proficient users and "google translate algorithm " backed version for local users. Complete region would benefit of this service. It would be the key ingidient of connection between, support of and advancing of digitalisation in region. We want to bond people of all regions together with mutual support between.

Effects of the problem

As mentioned before, each member would have the opportunity for his story (not limited to political one ) to be viral,while other members would make sure that story is not a fake one by reviewing and voting.


Digital story telling platform will become service for comunity that share knowledge, informations and support creatives throughout the region. Each member of comunity have opportunity to share story, vote for the best one, comment and debate.

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Online platform will have a collection of stories in many categories. Everyone will be able to read, comment and share. Voting and comments will have a big role in determining of truthfulness of story.

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Beside online platform, the most readed stories will be published in printed editions of magazine.