Job platform that helps women get equal treatment for job interviews.

Target groups

Change makers and Public figures and influencers


Women are always dealing with discrimination while looking jobs. It is proven that men have a head start when looking for jobs or promotions do to societies macho mentality.


Change needs to happen because your gender does not determine if you are more capable than others. Women need the same opportunities than men to find a job or grow in one.


The WorkLink app will be located all over the cities mainly in places where many people frequent such as bus stops, malls and restaurants. Companies will contact the app to upload job offers for people to see, this app will be in touchscreen monitors where women and men can browse for jobs, in there they can search for their profession and see what jobs are open, once they chose a job opportunity they can see the job details (education, experience).

Key Problem

The key problem is that men in most cases are concidered first than women, just by the gender.

Which field and which area?

Finding a job, getting a fair salary and growing in the company.

Effects of the problem

If this problem persists gender equality will never be accomplished. Without gender equality women wont be able to grow and prosper, not allowing them a chance to improve their lives.


The WorkLink app will allow women to get the same treatment as men since the first contact with the company will be anonymous since they will need to fill the application with an alias and work experience. This will allow the work to speak for them allowing the companies to make selections mainly by the info in the CV. Once they get selected they will receive a text message from the app to set a date for the face to face interview.

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The main visual in the touchscreens will be the cover of the app so anyone can read the instructions.

Once you start you can chose the type of work you are looking for (Full, part or freelance), once this selection is done a drop menu will appear with the professions that need hiring.

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Once the profession is selected you will get all the jobs available with their details and the companies name. Once you select the job you are interested and that you fit in according to the requirements you can apply.

After clicking the apply buton you will get a QR code which you will need to scan, after scanning you will get the application form on the cellphone where you will need to fill.

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The application will request an alias and phone number to make the company select their final candidates exclusively by the experience. In this application you will need to fill education, experience, skills and values.

When this is finished you will click apply and the company will get your application. If you are selected you will get a message to your mobile from the app to set a time and date for the face to face interview.