Desert Angels
Angel investment AI that specializes in matching women-led microenterprise with seed funding.

Target groups

Change makers, Public figures and influencers, and Public sector officials


Women are underrepresented when it comes to new business startups in the Digital Arab Network countries (DAN). Among STEM and technology related startups, success rates for seed funding have risen in the past year - a clear win. However, the challenge of equitable participation for women across socio-economic strata and seeking funding for micro enterprise remains.


An angel investment matchmaking service for women needing funding for micro enterprise is overdue. While angel investment matchmaking is not new, no such service, driven by AI capability, exists in Arabic and for this cohort. Women with potentially less education and access to the digital realm could greatly benefit from AI algorithms can make it easier for these entrepreneurs to find the best way to appeal to angel investors and attain the optimal level of funding.


By developing a regional-meets-global platform using AI, well-established metrics can be used to not only assess startup potential but to access regional data points being used by AI algorithms to establish correlations and patterns. These historical points are valuable in assessing how this type of early-stage startup will perform.

For women micro enterprise entrepreneurs, and communities who need it most, this solution could mean greater equitable access and participation in the economy.

Key Problem

The results of the World Bank’s Global Findex for 2017 highlights how the micro finance institution reporting can help increase access to financial services for excluded groups, including women. According to the Global Findex data, the gap between account access for men and women remained unchanged at 7%. This gap in access is mirrored in regional differences as well. The Middle East and North Africa, as per the map above, lags behind all other regions for women of this cohort.

Which field and which area?

Gender inequality and lack of micro enterprise funding for women exists across the DAN countries and sits within the field of social innovation, micro enterprise funding with AI, angel investment and entrepreneurship - access and funding using future digital technology and strategy for economic enterprise of a marginalized cohort.

Effects of the problem

The last decade has seen a burgeoning of entrepreneurship support programs aimed at unleashing the potential of female micro entrepreneurs. Evidence on the impact of these programs is limited, especially in the DAN countries. The few impact evaluations that have been conducted suggest that the impact of these programs on business growth outcomes is mixed at best. Thus, the question of how to effectively design support programs that facilitate female micro entrepreneurs to move into growth sectors, with potential for job creation and productivity gains, remains unresolved. The ultimate negative impact is, of course, stagnation and poverty.

In addition, not utilizing technology available that can aggregate data and improve possibility for women in micro enterprise, especially through matchmaking angel investment, continues to promote inequities and the Digital Divide.


This would be a platform that through machine learning algorithms would learn from user's behavior and allow matches or connections between Women Entrepreneur and Investors.

Ideally each women would upload an idea regarding some topics, the platform would acknowledge this and therefore make a suggestion to possible investors. The investors would be notified and will have an option to contact the idea creator. Machine learning would ensure accuracy of data and ideally, more positive matches.

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