DAN Digital Playbook
The Digital Playbook outlines DAN’s intentions for stakeholders to approach digital services.

Target groups

Change makers, Public figures and influencers, and Public sector officials


Beyond creating innovative digital futures, DAN will seek to engage stakeholders and citizens across a wide range of affiliations. This is difficult to accomplish without a directive that outlines DAN's intentions regarding how stakeholders and citizens will experience future digital experiences.


Since DAN is a new lab for the MENA region, stakeholders from different countries will need to operate with alike principles, languages and design standards for future collaboration. They must be aligned and operate in a way that makes it easier for everyone to work towards a common goal.


A Digital Playbook would increase DAN's chances for success by describing a future digital strategy that will increase equity and help all stakeholders participate in innovating toward a digital future. It will help them define values, objectives and define a clear approaches towards a useable strategy.

Key Problem

DAN will face many challenges and changes while transforming into digital. It is sometimes difficult to know where to head to or how to approach a situation. Defining key elements FROM the beginning can help shape ideas and speed up creation and development processes. This can be done through a playbook, which will help as a guide to keep a focus on the common goals and design towards a better user experience.

Which field and which area?

The purpose of the DAN Digital Transformation Playbook is to create a sandbox in which different perspectives can exist and play can occur, all bounded by rules familiar to all. This perceived restriction will, in fact, lead to greater creativity and a greater possibility of equitable access, shared literacy and cohesive implementation.

Effects of the problem

The absence of a digital transformation playbook leaves the potential for confrontation and lack of direction. It is much easier to point a regional stakeholder at a policy that says they cannot have what they want or do what they want than to just say no.

That is because people understand that policies are applied equally to all, and so it is likely to feel less personal.


A well produced digital transformation playbook is educational. It can help stakeholders across the region understand how digital works and why it is important and different. It can teach them about how digital projects are run and what best practice looks like.

Even more importantly, a digital playbook standardizes and formalizes the way teams work as digital professionals. This can transform how regional stakeholders perceive digital efforts and promote belief in the process and outcomes.