start digital and stay
digitalisation is a chance to stay in your place and country

Target groups

Change makers, Public figures and influencers, and Public sector officials


I know from a young moroccan friend , who comes to Germany some years ago, that he had no perspective in his region and country. First he was born in a rural poor region in South Marocco, having no chance to a good education and no job, then went to big city Agadir, working as artist for tourist attraction. As he got to know german tourists and was invited to go to Germany with tourist visum, which was not easy to have, he took the chance to marry for unlimited stay.


Further he works for his living, only getting this unsocial "worker jobs" and living in Germany in poverty line, but better than in his country... So digitalisation is needed in education sector, to have an access to education in any region, with a better education, more job offer and digitalisation will extend the different fields of jobs, even in rural regions.


so there are digital platforms needed, where you can achieve a graduation, in your region and platforms with job offers and business, even in rural regions. There is a wide field, but it needs all kind of digitalisations. If the young people have a perspective, they can stay in their homes, and be not forced to go to big cities or even Europe. Because no one leaves voluntarily his home, always depend on political and social problems, and...that should be solved ! no more character left here ;)

Key Problem

internal migration of young people to cities, not being prepared to it, and then external migration to Europe, where they evaluated as econmic refugees, with no right to stay and forced to return.

Which field and which area?

North Africa, no education and no jobs- cause unemployment and migration

Effects of the problem

the migration from home will not change, and end up in poverty in Africa and Europe.

Big cities in Africa are not able to provide a better life , being unprepared to big mass of migrants and enforces social problems.

The young people have no perspective, when they stay.


digital access to platforms for education and platforms to new job offers for all regions, especially rural and far city regions

starting with the education is the big point and end up with a graduation, diploma for more job perspective to earn for subsistence.

here some projects:

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another Teaser

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the acquired skills should be proved and end up in a graduation, diploma. For a better perspective in jobs.

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one big sector that digitalisation offers in agriculture is digital farming, to be efficient in the rural regions, with big potential to stay in your home.