Education is an important step in people's lives, commitment
Create digital Application of all courses " academic - technical" in top ten industry.

Target groups

Change makers


Target groups: Youth in the Arab Region The main problem of unemployment in the Arab region : - Lack of interest in the education sector.


My dream to create Application and build more that top 10 (Academic + technical) for top 10 industrial in Arab region in key cities. Just if any one interested to learn (click the screen and fill the form then join to the course.)


My ideas is solve the root reasons of the culture of the Arab region, The elimination of unemployment We have distinctive minds , with zero education. So we must solve the issue by create 10 building cover the top industrial field

Key Problem

This Application will Help the Youth in the Arab World to select the filed to complete the training course with top Trainers.

Which field and which area?

This Application will support Youth in the Arab World

Effects of the problem

Many are unemployed Many are unemployed. Increased crime rates.


Will Explain later