The idea of helping find information for the public from the government

Target groups

Change makers


Information from the government made many problems between the government and society caused by late and wrong communication, The government's desire to convey information competition with false news and the people's desire not to government because they did not have a connecting media. Important society to get reliable information can be accessed wherever and whenever given the government.


The modren era of digitalization is very important to help the government and society in getting information fast and accurate. Using one website the government knows what the people want and the information from the government is clearly conveyed by digitalization.


ONE WEBSITE is an application that makes it easier for the community and government to achieve their goals together. One website helps the public in the information search provided by the government in an update to increase revenue, convenience, approach between society and government.

Key Problem

Errors and delays in information received by the community made the opportunity provided by the government lost. Digitalsation makes the community profitable with useful information and the government benefits with the progress of the country.

Which field and which area?

Government approach to the community to improve public services. Digitization makes it easy community to get information, One website sends information from the government to the community and community information for the government

Effects of the problem

  • on-strict supervision is a personal profit.
  • Website security must be very good if it is not an error in the information provided.


increase security and transparency