Facilitate the purchase of products available abroad by connecting travelers and buyers

Target groups

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In Tunisia having a currency account and an international card is not given to everyone. the restrictions imposed by the central bank deprives natural persons to freely buy products from overseas.

In June 2017,Paypal has refused a request from Tunisia to access our country since the tunisian current exchange law prohibits the transfer of foreign currency to bank accounts abroad.


Tunisian residents are not allowed to buy products from overseas


Relationshop App can solve this problem by connecting tunisian travelers and buyers. the concept is so simple whenever a person decides to travel he will put his destination in the app and buyers will ask him to grab certain products available there, once the deal is confirmed by both parties through the platform. the traveler will add the reference of the product to his to do's list and when he returns to tunisia he will deliver the product to the buyer, get back his money plus a commision.

Key Problem

Tunisian residents are not allowed to buy products from overseas.

  • If a product doesn't exist in tunisia they can't get it
  • Can't buy a cheaper product available abroad

Which field and which area?

The freedom of commerce in Tunisia.

Effects of the problem

the problem of buying restriction is crucial for tunisian people in different fields:

-Health: some rare medication are not avilable in tunisia, sick people and their families wait for months to get their treatment from a person they know who lives abroad )

-Art: a lot of tools related to (painting, movie making, sculpture, music, etc.. ) are not available in tunisia which causes an obstacle in front of tunisian artists

-Purchasing power: tunisians are forced to buy more expensive products since they can't purchase cheaper foreign products available on internet

if we do not solve the problem the legal and illegal immigration will increase enormously, since the Tunisians are like prisoners in their own country


Relationshop is the solution !

A simple app will satisfy buyers and give an extra revenue to travelers !