Trunk show, why it's not?!
To promote opport. to meet wedding prof. who help in planning bachelors' bachelorettes' photography.

Target groups

Change makers


The instructions for wedding planning are part of the wedding ceremony and it's related products as photography and its intersections.


It's a relationship between the real places of wedding and the ceremony show. The present establishment s of the program of wedding is making the photographer not sure about the show. The online applications are solving the issue and photography is clear to electronic info. The related plans are for the delivery of accessories for wedding.


Evaluation of the place and plan to make a decision for the photospheric show. To promote this for show, you have to make the trunk show. Have the best elective materials. The related materials for wedding are delivered to the wedding places..

Key Problem

The promoted photography is clear to you. The entrance of the show and the road are so real. You can easily go to this place.

Which field and which area?

The place is Mansoura City in Egypt. It's a wedding ceremony place. The show in trunk should fallow up the best description of the place. What about the photographer? Who can submit his story of short photography?

Effects of the problem

How Home of show and place of wedding really deal with the especial event! Don't relate the place to show. Fellow board. True value.


To use the trunk show for wedding plan and place of ceremony.