Your opinions should shape your cities

Target groups

Change makers, Public figures and influencers, and Public sector officials


The last 100 years have seen an incredible increase in the planet’s population. In morocco we believe by 2020 (9/10) of us will live in urban areas. So how would that look like if everyone move to the urban areas and what kind of services should be offering to everyone. A city is a complex and interconnected system, with the power of GLOWING CITY, we will be able to see how this or that element in built environment can affect the rest.


The smart city has show up being perfect at tracking than being at listening. There is a lot of helpful data out there, however a city will be smart only when it also starts thinking about the creativity of citizens and blends it with this current data. Then this will provide hard facts which people in charge (Decision makers) can base their city planning decisions upon.


People still feel a sense of commitment to their cities and are actively involved in activities to improve the quality of life there. Many studies show that the highest trend in smart cities for the next years is citizen engagement. So my idea is based on this trend to release the potential of the smart city, Glowing city App can solve this problem by making the new normal of cities about people and their abilities and capability for cooperation, as the only lasting resource a city has.

Key Problem

Many studies show that the highest trend in smart cities for the next years is citizen engagement, unfortunately this is the only field that the smart city is not currently considering.

Which field and which area?

The GLOWING CITY idea is based on combines refines and analyses big data on housing, sustainability, mobility and data on citizen engagement and demographics in MOROCCO. Also, this idea can be applied for the five countries concerned with this project.

Effects of the problem

Maybe if we didn't face the problem by finding crucial solutions, it will allow more uneducated decisions during the planning and building phases of cities.


GLOWING CITY will combine big data with human intelligence to empower organisations, governments, and cities with data-driven decision making. Also, will manage growth with resilience and delivers urban insights and trends in a lean and visualised way. And the big goal of this App is to break data silos and bring smart city business intelligence and forecasts to the market.

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The GLOWING CITY App contain four things: A) Data storage B) Analyzer C) Decision maker D) An interface easy to use by the citizens like the interface of "Instagram/Facebook"

So you can simply take a photo of the place you want to transform after that use the city tags to clarify your idea and add description and location.. your idea then become a hotspot meaning other users are notified when passing near by.. the citizens can like share and comment every time you share an idea politicians and developers are notified... Decision makers can there for base decisions on real data according to what citizens actually want

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Will GLOWING CITY App steal huge amount of jobs in the future? Should someone be worried about this?

The answer is no.. GlOWING CITY will open up new types of professions like: Designers, developers, and data scientists.

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Can GLOWING CITY be helpful?

Of course yes GLOWING CITY can help us to understand better our cities and discover the informations that was previously too hard to know. It will help us to better determine the needs of the public, what means making more sustainable decisions.