Recovery map
a tailored map to find your medication

Target groups

Change makers, Public figures and influencers, and Public sector officials


Daily, 200 to 300 essential medication are missing in tunisian drugstores along with 262 drugs nowhere (or almost) to be found on egyptian pharmacy’s shelves.. The shorcacy of medications is one of the many challenges that both medical and pharmaceutical field faces everyday in arab nations.


In arab nations in general, searching for a medication can be a waste of time and resources and expand to months. Going to several pharmacies without the certainty of the availability of the drug is incredibly draining and often leads to deception. We are in the utmost need of a way to gain time and energy whilst finding medicine , to make life easier for Arab citizens.


Recovery map is a tailored map that tracks the location of every medication/prescription that you insert in the search bar. In addition, it checks the availability of the drug, predicts the time it could take to find it and shows the shortest trajectory linking the closest pharmacies if you can't find all your medication in one drugstore . This data driven application is a mobile app that relays on a dynamic database, formed by the permanent track of pharmacies inventory.

Key Problem

Shortage of medication and pharmaceutical products and his effects on the citizens who are struggling to find their medication

Which field and which area?

Medical and pharmaceutical field in arab countries such as Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria

Effects of the problem

Drug shortage can lead to the deterioration of the health sector, our app does not solve it completely but rather tries to find temporary tips to alleviate this gigantic problem which can cause death in the worst case scenario.


Recovery Map allows users to put the desired drug in the search bar or place the entire prescription to facilitate the search operation to minimize effort and save time

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In the "Add product" the user is able to find the nearest pharmacy that can supply him with his medicine thanks to the dynamic database

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In the "add prescription" mode the user can choose between 3 options:

-nearest provider: nearest pharmacy that can provide at least one drug of the list.

-full list provider: nearest pharmacy that can provide all the drugs listed in the prescription.

-optimized circuit: a circuit composed of different checkpoints that can offer the easiest way to find all the drugs in the prescription thanks to the app algorithms.