Digital Museums
One mobile application for all culture in Egypt

Target groups

Public sector officials


Public sector officials want to attract more tourist in the country to help local economies and stand high in the public opinion.


Thankfully, Egypt is rich in museums and cultural wonders that attract tourist. Public officials do not need to create more content. However, the explanation around those cultural wonders need to better organised. There is no information in different languages in museums, thumbs... Tourist are left to guess or pay for a private tour guide whom they do not know the worth of.


This mobile application will regroup all tourist attractions in Egypt (there already is an organisation regrouping ticket sales at least). From one application, anyone could enter an Egyptian museum, scan a QR code and get the information they need in their language. The information could be previously downloaded in case of no internet connexion on site (or not wanting to use mobile data). More features could be added to this app later: list of accredited tourist guides, plans, tips...

Key Problem

Very few tourist attraction has different languages available for tourists. This is a huge loss of potential. Taking care of this problem would also be a great help to better Egypt's image abroad.

Which field and which area?

Because we have been in Egypt, we have talked to locals and know that this is a problem for all of Egypt. However this identified problem seems like it could be a problem for other countries in the arab region, but our knowledge does not permit us to generalise.

Effects of the problem

There is a huge loss of potential if this problem is not solved. This potential is cultural (people understand the Egyptian culture less, and therefore might not have as good as a trip as they could have, and not recommend to visit Egypt to their families and friends) and economical (tourist are discouraged to visit some places because they know there is a lack of information. Furthermore, the application could be sold for 5 euros and be a good money maker).


Our solution is a mobile application that enables anyone who downloads it to get information in their ow language on multiple cultural attractions all around Egypt. The user would download the application for a fee. Then, a list of cultural attractions for the city they are in is shown, and the users can download the informative material. Additional features: - list of accredited tour guides with contact - maps and information on how to get to the location - Tips for the next thing to visit

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