Wifi points
In train stations, having Wifi points to show what is the next train

Target groups

Public sector officials


Public sectors officials in Egypt have a great benefit in unclustering the train system and developing the infrastructure for mobility (as we have observed, great effert is put into building roads to connect places in the country).


The train system in Egypt can and should be completely reinvented. Indeed, the trains arrive at different times, the locals are crushed inside, and there is no information about which train is which. The first step is to tackle this information problem.


Simple Wifi spots in train stations. However, when a user wants to log in with their phone, they can see information about trains in this station, have the possibility to download an app, and some other information can be shown to them before they can have the wifi. This is also a possibility for public sector official to communicate with people they do not necessarily have access to.

Key Problem

The trains are late, there is no information on billboards to indicate where the train on the platform will go to. People are dependent on the information that is given to them by others on the platform. And once a train is there, it is so fully packed that some people are unable to enter it. If only those people could know when the next train going to where they want to go was.

Which field and which area?

Because we have been in Egypt, we have talked to locals and know that this is a problem for all of Egypt. However this identified problem seems like it could be a problem for other countries in the arab region, but our knowledge does not permit us to generalise.

Effects of the problem

Unefficient train lines means un efficient workers, people wasting too much time on travelling around Egypt, a loss for the economy, and for the lives of local and tourists.


A user will open their phone at the train station, login to the wifi. A pop-up site will appear, where is written: - minimal information on when the next trains are - a link to downloading the mobile app (which also needs to be created) for trains in Egypt - information about anything else public sector officials would like to say.