High path
Offering a quick way out of Cairo's congested streets

Target groups

Public sector officials


The streets of Cairo are extremely congested. Rush hour seems to be all day long, and one often needs 3 hours for a rather short distance, since all intersections are completely jammed.


The life of the inhabitants becomes difficult to plan. One needs to take a lot of advance to catch any train and still won't be sure to arrive in time. People try to plan the drives at unusual hours and have consequences on their personal lives. The roads themselves become very dangerous, people get impatient and have a dangerous driving.


We want to offer a way out of these congested streets. We imagined a bike and pedestrian path 10 meters above the ground, creating a new net between the city's blocks. This high path would be equipped with electronically accelerated tracks, so longer distances can also be covered.

Key Problem

The traffic in Cairo is so dense that one often stays stuck at an intersection for minutes, if not hours. The pollution and noise of the honking feel oppressive and the drivers get impatient. Their driving attitude becomes dangerous, as well for the pedestrians as for the people in the cars as sometimes lead to accidents. This difficult traffic make the life of the inhabitants very difficult : you are never sure to make it on time for an appointment and need to plan a lot of time for any drive.

Which field and which area?

We observed this problem specifically in Cairo. Many inhabitants of the city whom we had contact to confirmed this problem and even emphasized our constatation. They are for sure other cities which suffer of the same problem, though we think the situation in Cairo is one of the most extremes.

Effects of the problem

This problem is preventing the city of developing and having a good functioning. With the active population paralyzed, the working world and thus the economy suffer and become less efficient. Moreover, the accidents and dangers on the roads will continue to happen.


We imagined a light structure about 10 meters above the floor, on which pedestrians and bikers could move freely around Cairo, where the weather is adapted to outside activities. Inspired by the high line in New York, we think such a space could become a powerful urban space, where the inhabitants feel safe and far away from the turbulent circulation. Some accelerated paths, for example combined with biking, allow big distances to be covered fast - faster than by car in the congested streets.