Shajara Al-Hikmah Algorithm
Knowledge Manament Tool For The Future Arab World

Target groups

Change makers, Public figures and influencers, and Public sector officials


The art and cultural DNA of the Arab world is the foundation for the Digital Arabia Network.


Despite the incredible richness of the art and culture of the Arab world, knowledge management is a weak link in the Shajara Al-Hikmah of the Arab world.


The Shajara Al-Hikmah Algorithm is a knowledge management tool, which intuitively discovers new knowledge, generates insights, and curates wisdom for guiding art and education in the future Arab world.

Key Problem

The exhibit highlights the problem that could become a challenge for the future of art and education.

Which field and which area?

The exhibit shows the vision for art and education in a future Arab world.

Effects of the problem

Automation enabled by compute power and artificial intelligence, and super-fast, high-throughput telecommunication networks are paving the future of society in favor of the creatives.

The Digital Arabia Network is a great vision, but this worldview also needs tools for knowledge management.

Change-makers, influencers, and government agencies could become burdened by the emerging knowledge management challenges in art and education.


The exhibit shows the flow diagram for the wisdom tree algorithm.