Innovative Arab Community
A digital platform that gathers and funds Arab self starters building innovative business

Target groups

Change makers


In Arab region, as well as in many parts of the world, there are people and institutions with potential capabilities and concerns interested in running innovatives projects that could enhance fields such as arts, education, business and economy. However, these people that could share similar and complementary skills rarely can meet each other, far less they can't be guided and supported to fulfill their goals and needs.


In Arab region it's hard for any rising entreprerneur to build a business to capitalize on innovative proposals. On the other hand, different fields need to be developed through creative ideas that aim on diversification by allowing rising entrepreneurs to break away from tradition and predictability.


Innovative Arab Community is proposed as a social platform that gathers rising self-starters and institutions with skills and aims on developing innovative ideas. By digital means, people with similar or complementary skills can meet each other and propose projects that would be refined in stages. At the end of the period, elegible projects would take place being their owners funded, trained and even put in contact with appropriate entities to run their business as well as possible.

Key Problem

Since it is quite a challenge for self-starters to find partners and launch their business, there is a need of motivating them to run their innovative ideas in a multidisciplinary way in order to enhance different fields of the region. On the other hand, diversification has been frecuently demanded as a solution to improve economy and business matters in Arab region.

Which field and which area?

The topic involves the field of digital community building and it's suitable for Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco or Tunisia as the platform would gather people and ideas per country.

Effects of the problem

Whether the problem continues, talented and rising self-starters may be less motivated to run their bussiness being underused and many of them may ended up migrating, which would mean a loss of a potential resourse for the region in many senses.


Innovative Arab Community could be a platform supported by organizations interested in the development of Arab region. Thus, it could also be self-financed by means of blockchain technology generating its own cryptocurrency through the interaction of their users. Arab-based entrepreneurs and institutions can join the platform and find partners with similar or complementary aims and then group together proposing innovative projects that would be refined until being funded successfuly.

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1- A self-starter with skills and concerns in one field signs up the platform as a user 2- The user looks for similar partners according to their profiles until teaming up 3- Once done, the team refines its project under platform revision and consultance 4- Once the project is funded, the team starts to execute it into reality