Fighting Fake News
Fake news are problem which will become bigger if left unchecked. Are we going to let it happen? No!

Target groups

Change makers, Public figures and influencers, and Public sector officials


Whole communities are controlled by news. Their perception of reality, personal convictions, social behavior, etc. Once upon a time, the Media was declared the "Fourth Power" within a nation. Media and their news served the people, familiarizing them with all current and potential happenings. In general, news were produced by journalists who ultimately worked for the people and held governments accountable. So, once upon a time, although sometimes biased, news were very rarely faked!


Times change and perception of power and mass control made that news are now controlled either by governments or by big corporations closely associated with them. This concentrates enormous power for forging people's opinion and behavior through daily news. Often through fake news, if the agenda requires it. Sadly, not many people seek and rely on third-party sources of information, if any are accessible for them at all. Monopoly on news is a very unfortunate, yet ubiquitous thing!


Failing to double check vital news and placing trust in a single source could lead to misunderstanding reality on a global scale. On a smaller scale, it might serve some local agenda. Most of this is achieved through fake news. Examples are thousands, but I'm not going to tackle these here. Everyone could research the topic for themselves, and this is the right approach in my opinion. Hear various sources, do a research, use common sense, draw conclusions. Find your own truth in the news!

Key Problem

The key problem is fake news! Big media corporation have monopoly over how information is provided to people. Their media channels form opinions, mindset and behavior pattern among citizens. It's not only the biased review of news, but also the choice what's to be shared and what's not to be. One-sided and tendentious presentations of news have adverse effect on society and if left unchecked might leave to grave consequences in the future!

Which field and which area?

Check the 3rd party video to see how ridiculous American mass media look, when someone actually pays attention to what they say! Formally, these are various channels held by different organizations. In reality, they all repeat exactly the same, creating fear out of something in order to sway public opinion in their desired direction. It is a perfect example of fake news! Even if news are not entirely imaginary, they way it is presented and repeated makes it fake. Sadly, it's the same everywhere.

Effects of the problem

If not solved, over time fake news have the potential to cause much human suffering. It could take many forms, depending on the nation, region, culture, religion, etc: dictatorships, tyranny, unrests, forceful globalization, rebellions, wars, exploitation, adverse living conditions, adverse human rights or general decline in freedom. These are some of the potential long-term effects. Short-term fake news effects are generally connected to empowering certain people, organizations and institutions; passing certain policies and laws; covering crimes and inconvenient events; increasing taxes; forcing the public to feel bad about a trend and accept it; instilling a negative opinion about any outer "enemy", etc. The solution to all that is to constantly learn! The solution is to use common sense! The solution is to think for yourself! The solution is to proceed rationally, to doubt things by default. To search for reasons to believe in something instead of searching for reasons not to.


In 2018 digital technologies allow us to practically carry all human knowledge in our pockets! Think about this please! When you hear news you doubt, just open the browser and check it elsewhere. Even if the alternative source is sharing an exactly opposite version, at least you'll hear the story from two sides. Then use a third source, independent small time news site. Then think for yourself and extract your own truth! This way no one can sell you fake news or use your mind as a puppet.

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Altering the news can be ridiculous at times... it might be very hard to tell fake from real; or lies from truth. It is very important for anyone to check various sources before jumping to conclusions. Elon Musk, getting tired of fake news, once proposed to create a platform where people could vote for credibility of medias. It has to work similar to IMDB movie ratings or eBay's seller rating. Although not perfect, such a system will guarantee better understanding of fake news and lying media.

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Educating people how to find true news sources is a must. People need to learn to double check the received information.

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