The joint
track to future

Target groups

Change makers, Public figures and influencers, and Public sector officials


all the target group members are from different countries but the problems they face are some times same and some times it may be different from other so heaving a common stage will provide experience of facing the same problem in two different places.


need of a common and effective system


it address more than one problems at a single platform.

Key Problem

Here I have not tried to face any single issue. It is an attempt to create an integrated system that could work as a bridge and also could help in making big changes in different streams like education, health etc.

Which field and which area?

It’s not around a single problem and its effects.

Effects of the problem

if we try to solve different problems separately then it becomes more time consuming and increases man power required.


a. Registration that includes connecting people digitally at different levels ie. individual or org. level who could help in working at the ground level. b. At the joint App the data collected from the field will help providing a digital platform for all the stake holders to connect and organize different tasks like live lectures, digital library, discussion forums etc. c. stake holders like Governments and large NGOs like UN who want to do any work in the are important part of system.