Parallel Education
Comprehensive K–12 curriculum platform for Egyptian Students

Target groups

Change makers


There is consensus among all those I meet or listen to that education is the top priority in Egypt. It is clear in formal and informal surveys and discussions. When the World Bank held other consultations before drawing up its Egypt strategy for the next five years, education topped the concerns of both government and non-government agencies about the main socio-economic challenges facing the country.


Parents are paying a lot of money to get a relatively good education either with an international (IG / American) schools or with private lessons.

1- Same teachers' mentalities but in a different language.

2- Same education level but in a different language.

3- Very low classmates' ethical standard.

4- The loss of the Arabic language and the blurring of our Islamic identity.

5- Not all parents can pay for that education and some may borrow for it too.


[Home Schooling - Parallel Education - Online Shcool - E-learning]

We should change the Egyptian Education system by applying the best education level in the world in a Comprehensive K–12 curriculum by using the best educational technology possible used by millions of Egyptian Students in affordable price. in an interactive, student-centered environment. for all subjects (English, Arabic, Math, science, French, Social studies, Morals). with Social Activities Awards.

Key Problem

Parents' problems with conventional schools:

1- No proper education (Not to learn them how to think but only feeding them with information).

2- Teachers' attitude (Violence & insulting against school students).

3- Classmates' cross education (Low moral level of students).

4- Daily Weightlifting exercise.

5- Daily Transportation Pain.

Finally, Our conventional education output = We all know :(

Which field and which area?

Education has become an urgent necessity for all countries of the world. Contemporary international experiences have shown that the real beginning of progress and development lies in the system of education followed and its use of modern methods and scientific methods.

There is no doubt that Arab countries still suffer from some problems in education, Examples of these countries are the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Effects of the problem

Education reform is a national agenda. It's not just a mandate of Ministry of Education. Free thinking and encouragement of innovation need a culture/environment that respects freedom of expression. On the other hand, such culture is an outcome of an education system that encourages free thinking. Seems like a vicious circle!.

Teachers economic problems lead them to abandon their principles concerning the real meaning and message of teaching. Teachers giving private lessons, as it is rapidly spreading through time.

Many people spoke about the cost of private tuition, and how the current educational set-up in Egypt does not really guarantee “free education”. It seems crucial to examine the inefficiencies existing in education spending, and acknowledge that free education has not yet led to equity of opportunities either in learning or in the job market.


"Parallel Education" is an online education platform for Pre-k to G12 curriculum in an interactive, student-centered environment. by animated lessons, printable worksheets and graded activities to teach math and language arts (English + Arabic + French) lessons correlated to state standards. in addition to Science, Morals, and Social studies. Social activities and art are also provided as a bonus for most grades. PE can be integrated into schools system and homeschooling methods.

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Education is a shared mandate, not one limited to government ministries, and it seems critical to establish true partnerships with all stakeholders and the private sector, to achieve results in learning and employability. We should focus first on early childhood education, where some children from poorer backgrounds may have less opportunity to develop their potential. Lifelong learning systems also require a balanced approach towards general education with clear pathways to the job market.

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Accountability should be established at all levels. Any real reform cannot possibly happen without establishing a culture of accountability in the hearts and minds of headmasters, teachers, and parents, Participants raised issues like the monitoring and evaluation of various interventions and using student assessment as a way to hold teachers and headmasters accountable.

Roles and responsibilities should be clear. This would require legislative changes.

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Inequality in education needs to be addressed, too. This was brought up during discussions in two contexts:

(i) lower socio-economic students are more likely to be tracked into technical and vocational training (TVET);

(ii) when they leave school, poorer students are less likely to be admitted into college faculties that lead to better jobs, mostly because of the costs incurred in private tutoring and the secondary school exit exam.

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To start off with, two issues need to be addressed urgently: access and overcrowding and capacity development for headmasters and teachers.

Another suggestion was using untraditional tools, such as the media, in education, and emphasizing the role of civil society in informal education.

or by developing [Home Schooling - Parallel Education - Online Shcool - E-learning]

Now is the time for everybody to do something different about education in Egypt, so that forthcoming support will be neither painful nor superficial.

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Key features of the "Parallel Education":

1- Full Sciences and not courses.

2- Students get individual logins and work on their own schedule and pace, with online playground rewards and motivates.

3- Built-in assignments, exams & certificates are provided for regular students.

4- Parents can set the grade level independently for each subject.

5- Detailed lesson plans available for parents who wish to preview lessons, with an automated system grades the lessons and keeps printable reports.

6- No stress - No Pain - No homework - Edu Fun.

7- No physical and psycological load.

8- It is entirely web-based, so Students will be able to access the program 24/7 from any computer with an internet connection.

9- It will be provided in a low monthly/yearly price, lower cost from full home teachers.

10- Selected teammates instead of bad classmates interactions in (scout - charity - development sessions - sporting activities).

11- Enough time for ethical education & self-development.