Ben Hayan app
To facilitate the work of pharmacies and patients

Target groups

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We face a lot of problems in Lebanon about the interruption of medicines in the markets and the interruption of medicine from pharmacy and availability of others, which forces patients to search in many pharmacies and the pharmacist suffers from the problem of communication with suppliers because the need to buy medicines may be daily in periods, weekly or monthly In other periods, the method of communication will be through distributed delegates only


The basic problem lies in the difficulty of knowing the available medicines and those in the stores or even the offers that are provided by the delegate, who is not always sufficient to visit and difficult to know the contents of the pharmacy, but visit the patient is forced to visit many pharmacies to search for medicine required


we will connect the pharmacies with the suppliers, so as to facilitate coordination among them to facilitate their work and to inform the pharmacist about the available drugs and those not available with the possibility of direct request through the application and customers can search in any pharmacy In Lebanon whether a drug exists or not, so we have reduced the costs of delegations suppliers. We bought the store to the pharmacist directly, we brought the pharmacies to the customer

Key Problem

The application can be accessed through three attributes -Pharmacist and to enter the contents of his pharmacy to be presented to the customers and to discuss with the suppliers about the offers and medicines available and to see details of his financial account and request for medicines by the app -Supplier to put his offers to the pharmacies and products available in the stores Customer can search for the drug required and the nearest pharmacy in which the price and can be booked as well

Which field and which area?

This problem is aimed at the pharmaceutical sector in Lebanon, but it can be implemented in any Arab country because of the development and modernization of the pharmaceutical sector and the impact on the organization of the work of both suppliers of medicines and their products on the one hand and pharmacies on the other hand in addition to the ease that confers on the life of the citizen Mainly

Effects of the problem

If we do not find a solution to this problem, it is likely to affect the price of the drug because of the continuing costs of delegates in general, in addition to the market obsession with the types of drugs needed by other city markets and also significant losses for companies offering the pharmacist offer to replace the drug before its expiration


Through the application, the pharmaceutical companies will be able to pursue their drugs at pharmacies and to know where to accumulate drugs and withdraw them to places where they need to be sold in order to avoid losing them as they expire and ease the financial burdens incurred by the companies to the delegates in addition to facilitating the process of communicating with the supplier and giving him what is like a propaganda oasis It will also facilitate the citizen's search for medication