Jordan On Air
Local radios and podcasts joining forces.

Target groups

Change makers and Public figures and influencers


As a case example, we observed Jordan. Official initiatives have focused on researching and understanding media in the country, in order to promote improvements. Actions by UNESCO, for example, have focused on infrastructure and training for local community radio stations.


Local community radio stations play an important role for fostering a democratic access to relevant information, and strengthening the sense of community. Nevertheless, younger generations are more used to digital platforms as a source of information. Worldwide, podcasts distributed online are becoming more and more popular.


A digital solution could merge the best of two worlds: community radios produce relevant content and show real life problems, but have a limited range of audience; podcasts can reach a wide audience, but there is a lack of content produced by and for region. A mobile app that brings together a selection of podcasts, making them available for being also transmitted by local community radio stations; at the same time, quality content produced locally can be available on the mobile application.

Key Problem

Local community radios are an important media in Jordan, but they reach a limited audience; quality content produced in podcasts online lack local relevance and does not reach audiences who do not have easy access to / are not familiar with the internet.

Which field and which area?

The general field is digital community building, but also related to fighting fake news and digital freedom. The references researched were specific to Jordan.

Effects of the problem

Local community radios might lose their importance in a society that becomes more and more digital and global. Making this connection between different media is important to continue making locally produced content relevant in the future.


By creating a productive cycle of collaboration between local community producers of news and content and the broad digital universe of podcasts, the solution is positive in two manners. First, it reinforces the importance of community radios and their role in community building, by making them accessible to a younger and broader audience in a digital platform; Second, it brings a varied range of quality content to an audience that is used to having their information from local community radios.