secure LGBT platform
a safe LGBT platform for the Arabic world, where all existing portals, communities,... unite

Target groups

Change makers and Public figures and influencers


The target group in the Arabic world have no rights and no freedom to act and love, have to hide their sexual orientation, as in this countries, they are punished and can be prisonned.


They need a platform to exchange with their community, targeting all matters, they have. So supporters for their rights, informations to their problems in the counties they live, blogs, chats, ....


But this platform has to be safe and secure, with no access for people to discriminate and criminal prosecutors

Key Problem

how LGTB is treated in the North African and Middle Eastern countries

Which field and which area?

North Africa and the Middle East

Effects of the problem

discrimination, punishment, prisonning, human rights are not guaranteed, but trampled


a secure and safe platform, details will come, that`s the idea in general, as I do not know, if this aspect is a "do" in this contest ;)

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