Digitalized Universities
A place for collaboration and entrepreneurship

Target groups

Change makers, Public figures and influencers, and Public sector officials


Education quality in most of the Arab countries is not as good as it should be, even though a lot of the countries has the facilities for a good one but it won't use it to improve. Universities in particular may have the potential to use the new technology like e-learning, online courses, ... etc but unfortunately it limits the digitalization on the basics: like posting the marks or schedules on social media pages for the students to find - which is not only the point-


Digitalization is the conclusion and is the solution for lack of communication between the education different parties: from the teaching staff members to the students and even the administrators. It will end and era of classic classes where students attend and listen to a boring lecture about an extinct method of an experiment when they maybe can use that time to really contact the researchers of that experiment and be updated with what the other world has come to so as not be left behind.


My Vision is in transforming all the ordinary universities in the Arab region into smart ones by introducing digitalization that will connect the different parties of education starting from the students, teaching staff members and administrators together and with other universities from around the world to share the knowledge, skills & experience. As well as collaborating with the industry so that the graduates become a part of the innovation that actively apply research for community impact.

Key Problem

Most Arab universities sill use the traditional methods for education which makes it a less-productive place than what a university should be like, where students learn skills that they will actually benefit from in the real world of jobs and professions. So, digitalization is the way to make the universities have its own place in the real-world along with the industry needs.

Which field and which area?

The field I chose is : "Your vision of future universities" And it applies for most of the mentioned Arab countries. The University will be a place for collaboration and entrepreneurship rather than just a place where students go to to just take attendance and carry a burden of tons of information they have to memorize for just an exam. Students should learn what they will need in their career according to what the industry is in need for. So education and career should be on the same track.

Effects of the problem

If digitalization is not used for the improvement of university education in Arab countries, Universities will stay the place where students hate to go, will stay the place where nobody learns nothing useful that will help in their future careers and jobs that will lead to lack of experience that is needed in industry i.e. "The Real World" where every student will be heading to after graduation.


It's all about the connections using "Digitalization". Connections among the students of the same university and other universities around the world to share knowledge and new info they had the chance to find or gain, between the students and their experienced mentors to actually learn new and up-to-date methods for the skill they're specializing in and connections with the industry so that the graduates become a part of the innovation that actively apply research for community impact.