A Digital Political party
A Digital Political party means the political life will be in the net

Target groups

Change makers


The problems in our Arab countries is related to our political problems especially the sociological field as → Samuel Huntington says in his famous book the Clash of civilizations. In fact some statistical studies reveal that 2020 can bring a series of anti-government uprisings in various Arab countries . Besides the people lose the confidence of political parties, then the democratic life begins to die interpreting it by the small number of people who vote in the Arab world.


Absolutely they are many motivated people who will send many projects about the digitization. but the thing that they should know those innovations can't be done if we haven't fixing our→Ideologies. Then the solution that can help us to improve our ideologies is to have a great social contract which can be realized by the current tools → the Internet can help us by the social media to create a digital political party . In this moment we will have another sense of political life .


Yes this situation that we live is favorable for The international community till we will be with globalization. we see this in the social medias because our Young are with the globalization. so my idea is to set up a Digital party which will be able to be with social democracy movement. because our parties among of them are nationalism or pragmatic and this is not good for the inner politic nor for the The international community.

Key Problem

The problem that we have → The intellectuals in Arab world are divided into many parts and those ideologies can't help us to improve our politic so the DIGITAL party will able to be with the current changements and can push the citizens to show their problem and feeling the pure sense of the democracy . Besides till 2030 the digital politic will help us to have the electronic voting

Which field and which area?

The idea is useful in the field of Politic , this project can be done in Arab area , and in the world.

Effects of the problem

If this solution can't done the Arab citizens won't vote again because they lose the sense of democracy . And the digital manifestation will be aleatory. the first step of the digitization of the electronic manifestation is began in morocco by the (boycott of some products).


This solution will help citizens to not do aleatory manifestations as we saw in some countries in the Arab spring but by a civilized way like the Moroccans did with the boycott of some products just by the social media. yes this project will remake a new sense of democracy which will be with the Globalization not with nationalism.