blood to blood App
an application to help the people who need to received a blood to find the donors

Target groups

Change makers


Patients often find it difficult to obtain blood donors, especially rare ones. On the other hand, some people who suffer from the strength of their blood to donate a quantity of their blood every period to get rid of the symptoms suffered by these people because of the excessive blood they have.


There is a problem with both groups of people and there are many people who like to donate blood


The solution is to create an oasis to connect the donors and those who want to donate by creating a profile for each donor and each person in need of blood to enter the application and enter his blood group and search among donors about the donor closest to him and even about the donation last time Blood donation more than three months

Key Problem

The main problem is the lack of communication among donors who need to get rid of their blood because of the abundance of blood with people who need blood, which may sometimes lead to blood donation to centers that have no demand for blood, leading to corruption of blood donated While some blood centers suffer from a severe shortage of required blood units

Which field and which area?

This application will be very appropriate in the country of Lebanon and can be a branch of it in each country on its own and is directed to all people without exception because the blood donor of today may be recipient of tomorrow

Effects of the problem

The number of patients who can not discharge their blood pressure is in a beneficial place, in addition to having some patients who need blood to request blood, even if it is for a financial allowance, which will turn into a trade and not a humanitarian mission.


Any person can register his account including the area of ​​residence and work, the blood group and his phone number with the number of times he would donate blood each year and the date of last donation to avoid the application from the search list during the next three months is not on the person who needs To the blood, but enter the search box and put his site and his blood group to be presented to the application closest donor who can and displays their contact data to communicate with them