The freedom of speech
Speak up and let your ideas share with others

Target groups

Change makers


citizens of the Arab world feel unable to speak and share their views with others and with governments. so this app has just provided the opportunity to debate and share for citizens.


This application aims at giving users of this applications the opportunity to discuss a topic that has just made the trend of the moment.


Speak up and let your ideas share with others, just stay with your smartphone and the notification will hit your device, even if the notification will be sent randomly it make a good sense.

Key Problem

In this app you will have a video of the latest user reviews and by live technology, this app seems to be a normal TV channel instantly showing the debate and current opinions. In addition, the notifications will be sent by a statistical study (machine learning) according to each person so that the user is available and ready to speak (with the right mode)

Which field and which area?

This application has an influence on the political and cultural field. This app can be spread in the Arab world and then in other countries.

Effects of the problem

In general, this app can help set up freedom of speech. then the effects are obvious. each country should give this opportunity to others, otherwise we will have many violent protests.


The machine learning will help us in this project because this science is included in the digitization movement. In fact It will be able to select people from the application and giving him the opportunity to speak → finally we will have a transparent media → media of the people

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