Virtual stadium
see the match as if you were in the authentic stadium

Target groups

Change makers and Public sector officials


This project is for people who want to attend a football match in the stadium but the match is elsewhere.


The purpose of this project is to help people feel authentic when they attend a stadium match, even if the stadium is empty only because of augmented reality and not on television.


Augmented reality in this project will put the players in the stadiums even if the stadium is empty. and to increase reality, viewers can be created in the same way in the gallery.

Key Problem

In sports especially big events such as FIFA World Cup tickets for big games like the final are limited and quickly sold out so in order to satisfy a bigger number of fans and provide them with a better game experience almost as enjoyable as the real one we can take advantage of trending technologies such as Augmented reality. in a nut shell a wearing a VR head set inside a stadium allows supporters to enjoy the (Real game).

Which field and which area?

This is related to the field of sport and to all those who want to live the perfect moment in sport because we usually have neither the time nor the money to accompany our teams. on top of that, this innovation will help the state to get more money by opening its stadiums.

Effects of the problem

we know that during the football game, for example, when spectators accompany their teams, they need more logistics and security, which is profitable for the state when this idea is realized.


The solution is clear.

An empty stadium + VR headset→authentic match + the voice also →it can be applied in the world cup in 2022(QATAR) (and for clarify the VR headset will adopt the augmented reality option)

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