The smart ring
This ring will be predicting the accidents that can happen to you

Target groups

Public sector officials


people who are repeatedly assaulted, people who do not know the city and the particular tourists they need this technology


Right now, in many media, we hear about violent aggression that is of great concern to the city. for Arab countries, the crime rate has increased for many reasons. and people will not even have the opportunity to have fun in the good neighborhoods of the city.


By a vibration, the ring will inform you of the crimes and aggression that may have been committed. by informing you to take precaution if there is a tendency of an unfavorable thing.

Key Problem

People are very concerned about crimes, especially terrorist attacks. This makes people unable to work freely. And economically, tourists will stay at home without traveling.

In the Arab world too, we know that many states state that girls are very harassed. This ring has the opportunity to make the woman feel the need to avoid this place.

Which field and which area?

This can be applied anywhere in the world, not just in the Arab world. This ring will offer a gift to the Ministry of the Interior.

Effects of the problem

If this problem will not be resolved people will react improperly. Because if the safety of people is not controlled by the government as it should, people will be aggressive too.


Digitization will reveal its tools. Artificial intelligence and Machine learning with them , we have accumulated information on suspicious places(GPS DATA). And the vibration rate will be different because we have those for normal cases and others for severe cases.