Digital Political party
Digital Political party means the political life will be in the net

Target groups

Change makers


Some statistical studies reveal that 2019 could lead to a series of anti-government uprisings in various Arab countries. Apart from the fact that the people are losing the trust of the political parties, the democratic life is starting to die, and we can see it by the small number of people voting in the Arab world.


The problems of our Arab countries are related to our political problems, especially the sociological field, as Samuel Huntington says in his famous book The Clash of Civilizations.


My idea is to create a digital party that can be part of the social democracy movement.

Key Problem

The problem we have → The intellectuals of the Arab world are divided into several parts and their ideologies can not help us to feel the pure sense of democracy. So the solution that can help us improve our ideologies is to have a big social contract that can be achieved with the current tools. And if this project is concrete, we can do it until 2030 and digital policy will help us to have electronic voting.

Which field and which area?

The idea is useful in the field of politics, this project can be realized in Arab, African and Latin American zone

Effects of the problem

If this solution can not be found, Arab citizens will no longer vote because they lose the sense of democracy. And (digital revolutions) will become deviated from its initial causes. This will increase historical hostility towards the colonizing countries. The first step of the digitalization of the electronic demonstration is launched in Morocco by the (boycott of certain products).


This solution will help citizens not to participate in random events, as we have seen in some countries of the Arab world, but in a civilized way, such as Moroccans, with the boycott of some products by social media. yes this project will redo a new sense of democracy that will be with globalization not with nationalism. and everything that will be organized by an institution called Digital Party

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