"Say NO! to Corruption" Web App

Target groups

Change makers and Public sector officials


If we take a look at Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, and specifically Egypt, what do these countries lack to advance and become like the countries of Europe and North America? From our point of view, the very influential thing in blocking the progress of a country like Egypt is corruption in all its forms, such as bribery ....... etc.


Corruption has spread enormously in Egypt, and the government can not solve this problem by itself , if there is a way to help the government and push the state to progress that will be great .


" SAY NO! to Corruption" is a web application that attempt to help the government reach out to corrupted people in society.

Key Problem

Corruption has a significant negative impact on the advancement of the state in all fields, whether engineering or medicinal even Digital future ........ Etc

Which field and which area?

Corruption exists everywhere, but we believe that it has a huge effect in Mena Region.

Effects of the problem

The current situation of Egypt resembles The effect of corruption in Mena Eegion , which means late steps towards progress in all fields.


Say NO! to corruption is a web application simply consist of website, mobile application, a page on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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How its work ?

Log in For easy communication . (This information will be confidential, not to be published)

Add a Corruption Case Enter the name of corrupted person and his/her Title .

Add a Proof

Upload your approve, it can be a document, image or video files .

Submit your Corruption case

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Corruption may take place in Many organizations or companies .if Say No! to corruption Web App puplish your company, dont hold any grudges toward the Web app, but take the necessary measures against every involved preson instead, otherwise your reputation will be affected .

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Finally We hope that "Say NO! to Corruption" Web App helps even with a small part to make Mena Region a better environment suitable for development and progress.