It is an application that uses the art of sound to consolidate the true values of globalization

Target groups

Change makers


knowing that some of them are Arab countries that are not affected by globalization.


The expansion of Internet services and the considerable progress made by new technologies have made it possible to reinforce the real value of globalization by collaborating and sharing the momentum, especially at sports and artistic events.


Hence the birth of my idea that is used to exploit the music of RAP by creating an application that allows to give access to memebres to share their audio RAP based on a background music given by the administrator at the beginning and an end to make the song of the month designed and edited by the best little audio RAP of the selected days speaks of the votes to make the title of the day.

Key Problem

The key problem that globalization is not yet empowered. And we also have historical hostility.

Which field and which area?

This application is dedicated to the following countries (ukraine, turkey, france, england, spain, morocco, tunisia, jordan, egypt) in order to have a diversified song of the language of these countries

Effects of the problem

We will have the clash of civilisations


We have a log formed by the places reserved by the recordings which will be downloaded in the database. NATGO offers the ability to record a more precise duration under music of the specified form. the vote will be done at the end of the day by reserving the chosen capsule to be part of the song of the month, at the same time, we design the song of the year. This will give us capsules sung by different languages of the countries mentioned the song of the year can be so named the world song.