Crowdstaffing DAN
An online platform for daily wage workers and labors to find work and earn a livelihood.

Target groups

Change makers, Public figures and influencers, and Public sector officials


Many labors and workers who need to find work on a daily basis to earn their bread like construction workers or maintenance technicians have difficulty in finding work. As a result of that, they starve and cannot survive in this fast world. Sometime as an indirect effect this also leads to petty crimes like theft and robbery. All this can be overcome if the unemployed are employed.


Using digitalization there can be a way to help the daily wage workers and labors to find work and earn money thus helping them survive.


The DAN Crowdstaffing app lets the workers, labors or technicians connect with the work providers to get employed. This can also be used for people seeking contract-based jobs. The contracts can be electronically signed by both the parties in the app. And also the payments can be done with the app to the employed workers. In case the workers do not have a smartphone to get access to the app. They can simply call to a general toll free number with an interactive voice response to find a job.

Key Problem

Using the app, the workers can find available contract-based jobs in their vicinity. The contract term can be for a single day or a week or a few months. This depends on the company providing the work. All legal agreements can be signed by both parties in the app itself if needed. Also the payments by the job provider can be done via the app. The payment will directly go to the bank account of the worker. In addition to this the workers can avail food/transit coupons and vouchers for each job.

Which field and which area?

This solution applies to all the countries in the context of this challenge. Field: Future of Work, Equal Opportunities for Men and Women

Effects of the problem

If not solved, the unemployment would lead to increase in poverty and rise in petty crimes like theft and robbery


This solution uses a digital platform to bring together the unemployed and work-seeking population to the work providing entities. See our user stories in last 2 slides!

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Not every labor can be expected to have a smartphone. Thus, this crowdstaffing network is also equipped with an IVR option which works with basic feature phones. With the help of this system, even under privileged labors can avail the service and thus, get jobs to earn their daily wage.

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VIGNETTES. Wasim is an expert bricklayer, who used to rely on word-of-mouth referrals through acquaintances to find jobs. Gul is a building contractor who's recently landed a contract to build an office - typically he would have hired extra/seasonal workers through and even gone to informal congregating places to find daily laborers if he needed to speed up things. Usman is an unskilled worker who used to stand near his village's open-air market and offer himself for menial labor tasks. Noor, the only woman in this story, is a physiotherapist and looking to supplement her income.

Lately, everyday, Wasim checks his smartphone's Crowdstaffing app to check for work opportunities near his home, because finding one nearby can save him time and money (travel, etc). Even if he's already busy, he can use the app to sign up for jobs starting a week out from now. His prior clients' ratings also show up in the app, which raises his credibility to potential employers. Gul finds him via app!

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Gul likes what he sees in Wasim's profile, especially the past recommendations. Gul and Wasim seamlessly negotiate dates, labor rates etc through the app. Gul also finds Usman through the app. Usman is flagged as available today. But Usman's profile shows that he doesn't have the full-features of the app, since Usman uses an older phone. Via the app, Gul uses the IVR system to dictate an offer, and direct the system to forward it to Usman. The system reaches Usman through text messages. Usman has some questions that cannot be answered by the system, so it bridges a voice call to Gul.

In the past, Usman and other poor laborers would get harassed by local cops sometimes when standing near the road looking for employers. (Egypt's Protest Law) Now, Usman knows who wants him, when & where. A honest livelihood is easier to earn!

A week later, Wasim is hurt at work. His family asks Noor via the app to come administer therapy at home. Background check via app takes the stress out for her!

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