Find your MUSE ❤️ Express your Spirit! (˘◡˘) ✨
An Interactive Creative Expression & Lifestyle Hub. An Instantly Iconic, Artisticly Designed Kiosk

Target groups

Change makers


Target Group- The young people of the MENA region, which account for more then half of the current population in that sector. Like young people the world over, their lifestyle is closely connected to their digital network of friends, connections, and favorite things.

You're a young creative type from the MENA area. You like to shoot video on your phone playing guitar, and you want to share it, with other creatives types. Maybe it will inspire others, and you'll find a community to be part of.


For all the creative types who want to express their passion, and share their own talent and be inspired from others that share their creative spirit. A lot of creative types keep their talent spirit to themselves. There must be others with similar talent that want to share it. If only there was a place to turn to, to find others in my area, for inspiration and sharing our special talent.


"MUSE" is defined as a force of inspiration for a creative artist. A creative influence or stimulus.

"Find Your MUSE" ~ An Interactive Creative Expression & Lifestyle Hub.

Free standing, Hi-Res Screen, Internet Connected, Artistically Designed Kiosk. Selfie Photo capabilities, with instant photo print-out to take with you.

Share your talent and connect with friends and your community. Discover and be Inspired by others in your neighborhood or across the region..

Meet you at the MUSE"!

Key Problem

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An Interactive Creative Expression & Lifestyle Hub.

Your life is closely tied into the Digital Revolution. Your smart phone keeps you connected and up to date. As a creative type, You like to use your phone to shoot at concerts. Or maybe you're a Graffiti Artist, or a free-style dancer, or like to rap, and you have some great footage. Show off your talent, and share it at the "MUSE". Be Inspired by others and find a new community

Which field and which area?

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Find and share your passion on the "Find your MUSE" Creative Arts & Lifestyle Hub.

Future Digitalization of the MUSE would build Communities. The Future of Art and Expression through Digitalization. Be Inspired, and show your talent, and discover opportunities for all creative people. Share your latest "Art" with your friends. The "MUSE" we'll shoot a selfie of you and your friends, and give you an instant print-out to remember the night

Effects of the problem

I think the future effects would be a society of young people that would feel more lonely or isolated, but still feel they have a spirit, something they like or do well. Only they keep it to themselves. They're proud of what they do! they've worked hard at it. And they want to promote it.

Connect with the "Find Your MUSE" kiosk, and find a home to show off what you do. Start a community. Find others in your neighborhood or city. Connect with all your creative friends at the MUSE kiosk. Post your content and see what's new. Besides having a innovated way to connect with the creative community, The "MUSE" can also provide fast site-specific updates of news, events, and local services. Next time you go to the mall, meet up at the "MUSE". With the app. you'll instantly be recognized. Check in, or get a selfie, get it instantly printed out to share with your friends. For Gamers, preview & play the latest hit, with your phone.

Next time just tell them, "You'll meet them at the MUSE".


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The MUSE kiosk can be programed and adaptable to any popular locations. With easy to follow way-finding maps, and current news, sales, and events, you'll want to check in to the MUSE when you first arrive to favorite mall.

The Future of Expressing yourself in the Creative Arts and Media. An instantly recognizable and iconic, eye-catching interactive kiosk. Find your Inspiration and Spirit at the "Find your MUSE" Hub.

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An Interactive Creative Expression & Lifestyle Hub.

The design and style of the "MUSE" kiosk, is instantly recognizable and will become an iconic new media hub and platform. A place for all creatives types to show and share their hard earned talent. Keep connected with where you like to go. Even if you forget your phone, you can still check in at various city hubs, though interactivity will be limited. "See you at the MUSE"