Smart Meter (SM)
Automatically receive your consumption on your mobile;so you can get bill,track consumption and pay.

Target groups

Change makers, Public figures and influencers, and Public sector officials


Am targeting wide and different sectors such as telecom companies , electricity and water companies and end users , so we can get our target. our problem is about the hard and manual way to get the meters readings from all locations and then back to enter the information manually to the system to get the bill plus the way how to pay . in addition no easy way to manage and track your consumption all the over the months or years before.


as conclusion to old way : 1- A huge number of stuff on sites to complete the needed work . 2- Too much time consumed during the process to get reading and back to head offices . 3- Money consumed for the man power ,transportation. 4- A huge paper used during the process. 5- human error .


Smart meters will solve the mentioned problems and implement the below targets : 1- No need to staff on site to complete the needed work as all process will be done automatically. 2- Save time to minimum since all readings will be send immediately over mobile network . 3- Save the money which was consumed for the man power ,transportation. 4- protect the environment as no paper will be used during the process. 5- Zero human error . 6- Customer satisfaction. 7-Revenue to telecom sector.

Key Problem

The key problem is the manual way to collect the electricity and water reading from all locations which make the process slowly and make many errors plus the way to receives and pay the bills which is manually as well . in addition to the environmental pollution due to the huge amount of paper used on manual process.

Which field and which area?

The problem that I have identified belongs to many countries and can be applied on Jordan and all Arab country.

Effects of the problem

if the problem not solved : 1- environmental pollution due to paper usage and transportation during the process. 2- more money consumed on manpower , transportation. 3-diffecult life by manual reading and paying . 4-human error which lead to bad customer satisfaction. 5-lost the chance of getting every thing automated. 6- lost the chance to gain revenue for the telecom companies.


The smart electricity and water bill is based on using digital meters for electricity and water readings which will be connected to mobile network to send readings to water and electricity companies, then generates auto digital bills and send them to end user by SMS , email and mobile application.

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