Creating a business of digitizing unique documents & photos in the Arab world households

Target groups

Change makers, Public figures and influencers, and Public sector officials


Households in the Arab world have crucial documents & pictures that were taken before the digital age (Certificates, grandparents documents...). A large number of these get lost or damaged & are forever lost. There is no specific research or study to show how much economic impact this loss has. Means exist to scan and put the documents & pictures in a cloud, however the majority don't do it. House-Wives will be the most interested in preserving the precious documents of the family.


  • There is a huge opportunity to create a digital copy of all the important paperwork & pictures in Arab house-holds.

  • The majority of the Arab house-holds do not take the initiative in documenting their paper work and pictures as they are not savvy about the best clouds to upload to and are not aware of how grave some incidents are that could wipe out important unique documents.


Sa7ab (means cloud) is a unique Arabic service that will create awareness about the importance of archiving all the old documents and pictures in the house-holds & provide a service of documenting these files electronically against a fee in a safe, organized and easy to retrieve manner.

Arab homes will trust a local company with digital heroes who visit them and explain the benefits and have an efficient way for the digitization rather than doing it themselves or depending on faceless clouds.

Key Problem

  • A huge business opportunity arises from the fact that many Arabic households do not have an electronic copy of important family documents and old photographs.
  • Lack of knowledge exists about the available technologies and clouds.
  • Lack of the sense of urgency, the problem is only apparent once an important file is needed and is not found.
  • Digital heroes are needed to create the awareness and a service of documenting these files in an Arabic trust worthy cloud.

Which field and which area?

The field is within the storage and documentation of Arabic content through an Arabic portal and service.

The project can start with any of 5 highlighted Arab countries, and I choose Jordan as a start. With other team members the project could start simultaneously with other countries.

Effects of the problem

A huge economic loss when some of the old paper documents are not stored electronically, this economic loss can be proved with dedicated research.

A huge emotional problem when people realize that they have lost for ever unique copies of old photographs, certificates or documents.


The solution is in the creation of a company and an online platform called sa7ab, which will consist of small teams in its first year to create awareness and start with a small group of house-holds who would make electronic copies of their paper work.

The solution has to use high-tech equipment: high resolution scanners, also a very advanced categorization technique and a secure cloud that can be accessed easily by house-wives.

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