Inside-out - Digital Cultural Community for Lebanon
Digital Cultural Community with main goal to promote Lebanon culture through natives eyes & skills.

Target groups

Change makers, Public figures and influencers, and Public sector officials


Lebanon is one of the smallest and oldest Arabic countries. It is more atypical it is a country, where you can go skiing, lay at the beach and frequently meet people who speak at least three languages; besides their cuisine if one of the best in the world. Unfortunately, people around the world doesn't seem to know much about this country and doesn't show plenty of interest.


A better understanding of what really Lebanon it is about could improve a lot the country perspective, the way people understand their culture and all these benefits will be back in community.


Inside-out is digital cultural knowledge platform where native people from Lebanon share (classes & videos-free and premium)cultural experiences, knowledge and skills with people around the world; the main goal to inform and promote the country. From public influencers to traditional local people with valuable skills, all can get involved in this digital community. Sharing their skills (art, cuisine etc) and culture is resourceful, educative & valuable for the future of the community.

Key Problem

Lebanon has a huge tourist potential and cultural value, but the general perception it is a little bit confuse about this country, they don't really know too much about it and the existing sources are not very reliable - at this point, barriers seem to many to convince them to dig deeper. The Lebanon cultural potential is way much more that is reveal in this moment around the world.

Which field and which area?

Lebanon a unique, atypical Arabic country - highly underestimated because of lack of information and promotion. Is one of the freest and liberal countries from the Arabic World, where people can enjoy ski in beautiful resorts or they can taste one of the best cuisines in the world. The only Arabic country with no dessert, with the oldest, continuously living city in the world Byblos, where people speak French also and It has the greatest fragment of Ancient Rome outside Rome.

Effects of the problem

Lebanon can stay in a shadow, always compared with the neighbours country. The tourists don't seem to have enough reasons to visit the country. It's hard to find solid credible sources with information about life and people in Lebanon - especially about their values and cultural life. this will cause a lack of trust and a big sign of doubt - rejection regarding this country. Ignorance and absence of information was always a negative impact back in the community.


The solution is a digital cultural platform where people from public influencers to traditional local cookers will share (through online classes - videos) their knowledge and cultural experiences as a native Lebanese with the world. People all over could learn skills and more about this culture. It is more than a platform (free & premium) is a digital community with the main goal share and promotes Lebanon culture. The revenue will go back into the community with the same purpose.

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In the community can be involved also famous people - that could promote the Lebanon culture, but even more, they can share knowledge and tips for premium members (paid). The revenue goes back into the community - having the same purpose to advocate for the country.

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