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Design appealing and high-quality products for the fan shop! €7,500 prize pool

Design appealing and high-quality products for the fan shop!

Background is a young start-up based in Hamburg that revolutionized the German mobile communications market with its launch in April 2012. The company’s products are aimed at the young generation of customers who lead a modern lifestyle. With the AllNetFlat, is focusing on an innovative business model, trend products like the latest smartphones at top prices, and the consistent and long-term inclusion of its own community on the social web. The products will be sold online only: the company is concentrating on the most relevant market trends.

It is important for to be able to communicate with its fans, and to ask them about their opinions and wishes. The company has pledged to actively involve its users in company decisions. And now they are even going one step further. yourfone now wants to develop a yourfone fan shop. They want to design the products for the fan shop together with the jovoto Community and the yourfone fans. The users and fans vote on which products would make their mobile life even better and more individual.


The aim of this project is to come up with products that present the mobile lifestyle, are useful, make sense, and which can be sold in the new fan shop.

The target group of the fan shops are active, young or young-at-heart consumers who are always on the move, constantly online with their smartphones and on the lookout for the latest trends. The products can be revolutionary, or visionary, or simply practical.

Task Definition

Develop appealing, high-quality products for the fan shop!

 Your product idea should fulfill the following criteria:

  • It should reflect the mobile lifestyle 
  • It should be appealing, of high quality, and also have a useful benefit 
  • The brand names and logos should be subtly placed 
  • The retail price of your product idea should not exceed 50 EUR 
  • It should ideally reference the revolutionary Allnet Flat from and transfer this idea into the everyday lives of the fans 

You have two options:

  1. Use the popular fan products (see materials) and revamp them in the typical style. If they decide to license these fan products, yourfone will pay you a license fee of 250 EUR. 
  2. Develop a new, innovative product, which presents the mobile lifestyle and reflects the yourfone brand. If they decide to license your new fan products, yourfone will pay you a license fee of 750 EUR.  

Target Group

The target group is young thinking, and is out and about a lot with their smartphones. Both male and female, between the ages of 18-55. 


  • personal  
  • young
  • informal
  • friendly 
  • emotional 
  • cheeky and bold
  • future-oriented
  • visionary

Ideas that have any connotations of sexuality, violence or destruction will be excluded from the contest.

Mandatory requirements

  • Your design suggestions must be technically feasible and marketable.
  • The colors of your fan product must be oriented on the CI colors (mauve, blackberry, petrol) of Any deviations from these colors are not permitted.
  • Use as little lettering as possible: likes to use doodles and hand-drawn pictures! But you can also draw the letters yourself! 
  • If you are sketching your own designs, your doodles must be drawn in grey or petrol.
  • Your design must feature the logo! But it can also be subtly positioned on the back or at the bottom. 
  • The product’s retail price may not exceed 50 EUR.
  • The following elements may not feature in your design:
    • Real images
    • Weapons
    • Sexist insinuations and any form of nudity
    • Anything that glorifies violence
    • Discrimination

Useful links: on facebook

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


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