Yourfone-Mobile Speaker for Smartphones
Mobile speaker for smartphones. No batteries needed. Suitable for ALL smarthphones. 3,5 mm Cinch.


There are a lot of mobile speakers for smartphones one the market.
But due to low advertising they are not really known for people.
As a start-up company, could use this idea to buy those mobile speaker and put on their own design on it (no real production costs, print stickers and stick onto the device. The market price for no name speaker (but with excellent sound quality) is 19,99� (check "Wavemaster MOBI speaker"). The idea would be to buy these speakers as no name product, and sell it as " speaker".
The idea is possible, valid, the costs for it are at a minimum, but the result would be super awesome. At a price of 19,99�, it´s a cheap product, the demand for it is rising and just imagine all the FREE advertising.
Thanks for voting :)

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