Makeup case
a makeup pallet combined together with a smartphone


im sorry that im not good at english :p
i think that all age of  woman love to bring her makeup tools everywhere.
soo.. im tryin to make it compact with combining it with the latest gadget. 
 taking photo and upload it in the web is a big trend, is it? twitter instagram, path, fb,..  
so, with this unique case, if you think your face in a mess, you can easily fix it an take a photo after, and you can upload it to the web. 
you can also upload video about latest makeup trend, makeup tutorials, etc.. sounds very narcis yes?  :)) 
im using the front camera phone view to replace glass mirror.
im trying to combine camera smartphone function with a makeup palette. 
with this case, you can do makeup everywhere. fast and quick.
no need to carry those two things separate in your bag. mean more space to carry other important tools. 
~ work in progress

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