mobile and remote holder
Mobile and remote holder for home and travel


     Young people   use different mobile devices   at home and during travel.   I think it is good idea to offer some kind of �mobile organizer� that can be used at home and during travelling. Mobile holder is made from   natural fabric or from recycled materials (recycled PET bottles). Holder   may be installed at armchairs and beds of different shape and size. Unused part of the holder is wrapped around the plastic insert hidden in the additional pocket.  When the user leaves  the  current place, he pulls out the holder, wraps it  and  puts in  his  bag . The basic picture may be personalized  in T-shirt way.

It is not bad idea to distribute such holders within hotels for tourists.  Hotel owners will get arm chair�s protection from greasy hands  and Mobile Company will get additional advertising.   

This idea is published as Utility Patent.

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