Your Finger Thumb Extender
Your Finger is an ergonomic product for users of touchscreen devices!


So it's all about trigger finger. Trigger finger is a swelling of the tendon or tendon sheath in the palm of the hand of the tendons that bend the fingers. Most of this is due to over stretching of the thumb on when accessing hard to reach touchable areas. People with smaller hands tend to find this most difficult however with the ever increasing size of screens the average to large hand category will also suffer.



So "Your Finger" is a rubber based extension that allows easy access to all your smartphones functions whilst easing the stress on the thumb tendons and muscles and reducing future damage or impairment.

The product is a one size fits all but could come in 3 different lengths dependent on the length of the user's thumb.

At the tip (please see elevation sketch) there is a fine finger print like mesh that will offer great control to the user. The tip has also been narrowed/tapered to offer more vision on screen to the user.

The product comes in the Yourfone brand colors and will also feature branding on the top or sides. This I will show in a more detailed sketch later.

Looking forward to any feedback on this project!