Your Finger Pen
One handed sketching whilst on the go with "Your Finger Pen"!!!


There is no other product on the market like this pen that fits onto any finger with its use of one size fits all stretchy rubberized material. There's a huge market for smartphone pens but they all require 2 handed use on small devices. This product allows anyone who likes to sketch on the go or capture moments on the go the opportunity to do so in one hand on smaller devices. For larger devices users can place the pen on their preferred finger to sketch freely with up close control.



  • Use of finely tapered tip so user can see clearly what they're sketching
  • State of the art materials and tip for accuracy and precision
  • One size fits all and all fingers
The product comes in the Yourfone brand colors and will also feature branding on the top or sides. This I will show in a more detailed sketch later.

Looking forward to any feedback on this project!

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