Make it YOURcover


A smartphone cover in which is possible to write in and erase. It works as a white board and let's you personalize it in real time, no need to print or anything, just play and make it YOUR cover! It also comes with YOUR pen and eraser, two in one.

To be built, this cover only needs painted steel or aluminum. As for the pen it needs to be half permanent pen and half dry eraser pen with a little sponge. That way you can write with the permanent and erase with the dry eraser and sponge. This also allows any permanent marker as a writer on your own personal cover.
See how it works in here :

As the brief says, this aims targeting a public that is: 
- young and individual, where you can express yourself and even create your own doodles!
-  informal, like writing on a wall!
- friendly and emotional, you can get a beautiful message from your friend or even a "I love you" from your boyfriend/girlfriend!

It is NEW, it is CRAZY, it is YOURCOVER!

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