-loudspeaker with 360 degree sound -loudspeaker dont touch the grund because of tent peg/tripod


The summer is coming and its getting warmer and warmer. People spend there free time at the lake/open air bath/meadow etc.In any case ouside.
These loudspeaker are perfekt for oudoor usage. They dont touch the floor because you can screw a tent peg or a tripod under the loudspeaker. The MP3-Player/Mobile Phone stays also clean because the loutspeaker are around it and you can put a lid above it.
The best thing is, all people around the loudspeaker can enjoy the same loudness and quality.
-->360 Degree Loudspeaker!!!
You can connect the Mobilephone/MP3-Player with an AUX-Kabel and put it in the box.
The loudspeaker are charging about a power source.