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Impress yourfone.de fans with your extraordinary product idea!

Design appealing, high-quality products for the yourfone.de fan shop! Your product idea should on the one site reflect the mobile lifestyle and on the other site have a useful benefit for yourfone users. You can either submit ideas that give existing fan products a yourfone.de makeover, or develop a brand new, innovative product that conveys the mobile lifestyle and reflects the yourfone brand. 


yourfone.de – Mobile communications start-up from Hamburg  

yourfone.de was launched in April 2012. Since then, the young start-up from Hamburg has revolutionized the German mobile communications market  with its innovative business model. The company is concentrating on the most relevant market trends: it is important for yourfone.de to be able to communicate with its customers and fans, and to ask them about their opinions and wishes. This is why the company from Hamburg now wishes to design the products for the fan shop together with the jovoto Community and the yourfone fans. 


Win, win, win!

The total prize money of 7,500 EUR will be divided as follows:

  • 2,500 EUR will be divided between the 6 Community winners.
  • 5 Client’s Choice Awards, each awarded with a prize of 250 EUR, for classic fan products that you have given a yourfone.de makeover
  • 5 Client’s Choice Awards each awarded with a prize of 750 EUR, for brand new, innovative product ideas 

Awarded ideas