Linz AG - Upcycling a local landmark

Linz's old railway bridge was reimagined in socially beneficial ways to further the development of Austria’s third largest city.


LifeEdited - The apartment of the future

A 420 square foot NYC apartment was transformed into an optimized urban living space with an ultra-low ecological footprint.


Total - What is the future of the service station?

Total screened future scenarios and innovative answers to explore the role of gas stations in the future of urban mobility.


Renault Trucks - Magnum-sized birthday celebration

For the Magnum’s 20th anniversary, Renault had the jovoto community create a special design for the outside of the driver’s cab.


Audi - Engineering entertainment excellence

Witty slogans drove the aspirational visuals of Audi's spring 2016 campaign promoting their in-car entertainment system.

Consumer Goods

Villeroy & Boch - Tableware for the young at heart

A new Kiddy Collection opened up additional customer engagement channels for Villeroy & Boch and strengthened their brand identity.


Henkel - Designing sustainability

Somat solidified its position as an industry leader in household items through new dishwasher tab packaging with a fresh twist.


Forum Zukunft - Shaping the future of books

Booksellers discovered how to thrive in the e-book era by exploring new digital innovations and opportunities.


Victorinox - Crowdstorming the cutting edge

Victorinox significantly increased the sales of their 130-year-old swiss army knife by cocreating a limited edition with fans.


Villeroy & Boch - Traditional table culture meets its future

Villeroy & Boch stayed relevant in a highly competitive global market by bringing traditional tableware to younger consumers.

Finance & Banking

Deutsche Bank - Premium services of the future

Leveraging open innovation to speed-up the pace of innovation and generate concepts that go beyond banking.


Collaborative innovation in the financial service industry

Discover how to respond to the rapid rate of innovation and what trends are driving digitization in the finance industry.

Food & Beverages

The Future of Food & Beverages - Think outside the lunchbox

Adidas, Freudenberg, Markas, ATP, and Hilcona collaborated to envision the corporate campus food experience of 2025.


Hero Group - Bringing global teams together

Enabling collaboration between employees across departments and locations to radically transform the jam market.


Ricola - Limited edition embodies swiss quality

Increasing brand awareness and engagement by inviting fans and jovoto's community to design limited edition boxes.


Allgäuer Brauhaus - Increased brand awareness for Büble Bier

Allgäuer Brauhaus expanded the market for its Büble Bier by involving fans in the creation of innovative campaigns.


Wodka Gorbatschow - Limited edition of arctic proportions

Germany’s favourite vodka brand used cocreation to not only activate existing fans, but also garner brand new ones.


Starbucks - How to make coffee-to-go more sustainable

Starbucks challenged jovoto's community to dig deep into coffee consumption habits and find ways to reduce paper cup waste.


Coca-Cola - The future of the Coke crate

The Coca-Cola Design+ Award powered by jovoto tackled what the reusable bottle crates of the future could look like.


Transparency International - Unmask the corrupt

Transparency International wanted to raise awareness about corruption and inspire people to take action through a global campaign.


UNICEF - Sending season's greetings to the world

UNICEF has collaborated with jovoto’s creative community yearly since 2013 to come up with inspiring greeting card designs.


Greenpeace - Activism powered by mass collaboration

Greenpeace Germany launched a successful campaign which saw McDonald's stop using genetically-modified animal feed.