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Our Textile Orbit Pinterest is rapidly growing and with great help from you we aim to make it a resourceful place for inspiration, knowledge & news for designers in the Textile Orbit and curious new-comers. This week we have the joy of having Cayena Blanca as our guest for a week and she’ll be sharing her inspiration, tips and valuable resources.

Cayena Blanca is the brand founded and owned by María Montiel, an extremely talented designer and print maker from Venezuela who is currently living in Barcelona, Spain. For her brand, Cayena Blanca, she creates and sells a huge catalogue of products featuring her prints. We had a quick chat with María over Skype to get a better idea of what to expect during her week as guest pinner. Here’s the interview:

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 17.02.49

María, Jess & me (Olof) giggling while talking over Skype.


Hi María! Super excited to have you as our guest pinner. Let’s dive right in! Could you tell us a bit about how you ended up as a designer?
I was always into graphics and studied graphic design in college in Venezuela and got really into illustrations while studying. After my studies I wanted to leave Venezuela and take advantage of my passion but I was never that good at making infographics and stuff like that. So I had to find another way of being able to be creative but also take a commercial benefit from it.

You are a designer that uses many types of medium when you create. How come?
I’ve always been more interested in the actual graphic than the product where it’s eventually put. My love is for doing digital graphics and painting and then selling that on different products. When I create something, I focus on the graphic mainly. I produce prints, that’s what I do.


Here’s an example of Maria’s work on Ceramics. More on her website.


You seem to make a lot of things by hand, illustrating them first. What’s your process when you create a new print or graphic?
It’s different for each project, it depends on what it’s for. But I can safely say that I spend as much time painting by hand as I do working with the computer. I often sketch and work with watercolours, ink and markers and then I do a lot of digital rework afterwards, like cleaning, cloning and creating the repeat, of course.


Part of the design process when Maria worked for P&B textiles to create a collection for their quilting fabrics.


So your brand Cayena Blanca, how did it start and what are the products you have under this brand?
I started just doing iPhone cases. I bought a 3D sublimation machine because I was looking for a way to print my work on any product, basically. After that I started to illustrate jewellery and made them by hand. And now I also have some ceramics like plates and mugs and some textile products like cushion covers and make-up pouches.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.46.36

Some of the products sold on:


Cool! So where do you sell your products?
I sell them on online on my website and then I sell in three stores here in Barcelona and two in Madrid. In the USA I sell in one store in Brooklyn and one in Oakland as well.

Any special designers that have inspired you a lot?
I had a crush on David Carson once, he was my hero for a while. And then I really like a woman called Ana Montiel (strangely she has the same last name as me and exactly the same name as my sister!), I really like her work and the clients she works for.


One of Maria’s submissions in the ‘Artificial Garden’ project called ‘Surreal Garden’


You submitted designs in the ‘Artificial Garden’ project and now also in the last Textile Orbit brief ‘Work in progress’. What’s your experience working in this way and format?
What I really like about jovoto in general it’s that it’s made for creative people and the comments you receive are really constructive and encouraging. I love the fact that you have the collaboration award, I would love to collaborate with someone, that would be cool to try out. I also like that you get feedback from the client’s point of view, that keeps people going I think!


Maria’s submission ‘Botanical memories’ in the ‘Work in progress’ project.



Maria’s submission ‘Botanical memories’ in the ‘Work in progress’ project, full pattern.

Thanks for taking your time to speak to us María, looking forward to seeing your pins during your week as guest pinner!

You can follow her Pinterest board here. And you can download some of free wallpapers of her work on her website here. And if you want to collaborate on a design with Maria, you will find her jovoto profile here.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 13.55.19

Maria’s free wallpapers.

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